Typography is the art and technique

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable and appealing when displayed. The arrangement of type involves selecting typefaces, point size, line length, line-spacing (leading), letter-spacing (tracking), and adjusting the space within letters pairs (kerning).

These envelopes are so cute! Click through to see the full tutorial on how to make them from scratch!

(Heads up! All the products used in this tutorial were gifted to me by Stampin’ Up!)

Seriously, how awesome is stationery?

Whether I walk into Officeworks, or a boutique paper shop, being surrounded by paper just does something for me.

Today I’m going to show you how to create cute little envelopes with an embossed flap! Oftentimes, it’s just the little touches which make something extra special.

Enjoy the video, and check out the resources I used in the shoppable images below.

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Are you keen to create some of these envelopes yourself? The shoppable image below shows some of Stampin Up's current range of embossing folders that would work perfectly for this craft.


Are you keen to try this DIY? Let me know what you’re going to use them for in the comments below (someone please tell me a wedding!). Or, if you have a question that Mr. Common Sense or Ms. Google can’t answer, hit Mrs. Me up below!

For us, Sundays are  defined by whether the sun is shining. If it is… it’s beach day!

On one of these fine Sundays we decided to visit a beach I knew had some driftwood washed up on its shores. I wanted to finally start making some decorations for Caleb’s room – for now, a sailing ship mobile.


The gorgeous clear water of Secret Beach. This beach is just before the Blue Lagoon heading anti-clockwise around Efate, Vanuatu. Look out for a sign hidden in the foliage on the right side of the road (you can’t see the beach from the roadside).


My baby & I.


I’m using paper from Stampin’up! This paper is double sided, so will look great on both sides of the sails.


Supplies you will need are:


I love this Silver Baker’s Twine by Stampin’Up! It adds a touch of pizzazz to an otherwise very rustic creation. (Just a note: Tie knots at the cut ends of where you cut on the twine as the silver thread starts to unravel.)


First up, use the twine to make a cross from two larger pieces of driftwood. Then start to play around with where your masts can naturally go on your pieces of driftwood. In the above pic, I hadn’t used any glue at this point as the masts wedged easily into existing holes.


Now here’s the fun part! Get your hot glue going (because we all know how annoying it is when you forget to fire it up!). I then searched the web using Google Images for pictures of sailboats and ships for inspiration. Once the masts are glued into place, start cutting up your sales and gluing them in place. The paper doesn’t need too much glue to stay in place, but just be patient as you hold the sails and wait for the glue to set.


Once all your boats have been created, glue long pieces of twine to the top of the most centered mast. After this you’ll tie the boats to the mobile base. You can see in the picture above that the mobile base was hanging wonky. You’ll have to use your judgement as to which sailboat should hang where in order to get the base to hang flat.


What a champ. He’s actually looking at it. Yes, he did fall over in that picture. He’s only 2 months in that photo afterall. I know.. he’s IS a big boy. He went from newborn to big baby… I feel ripped off that I missed the little baby stage (well.. it was such a blurr..).

So there you have it, an easy, cheap, and beautiful craft. Choose some double-sided printed paper and have some fun. Had it not been for some interruptions, I think I could have made the whole thing in around and hour and a half.


My handwriting is atrocious. I’m serious – I’m not being modest at all!

So when I got a stack of cards with blank spaces to fill out Caleb’s birth details, I knew my handwriting wouldn’t make the cut.

(On the side, I just wanted to share that these cards were created by volunteers at the Mater Mothers Private Hospital in Brisbane. The funds raised from selling these cards goes towards purchasing something for the women who stay at the hospital. One of these items was  a super industrial Medela pump – which I say really helped save breastfeeding for me after some early damage made feeding from one side really unbearable. The hospital has a huge volunteer team, including lovely ladies that stay overnight to help settle baby, or watch baby while you catch up on some much needed sleep!)

So.. solution to my ugly handwriting?


Introducing Stampin’ Up’s Alphabet Rotary Stamp! Bye bye feral handwriting. Hello a little consistency & hello stamping – & who doesn’t like a little stamping every now and then?

stampinup-alphabet-rotary-stamp4 If you’re going to use this Alphabet Rotary Stamp, make sure you practice on a scrap piece of paper first. (I do advise to use the centre characters of the stamp – obviously I’m not doing that in the photo below (I did later on), but it was the only photo I had of a test sheet :).) stampinup-alphabet-rotary-stamp-4-test-sheet stampinup-alphabet-rotary-stamp-2 Some tips that’ll help you get a cleaner stamp include:

  • Only ink the letters/symbols that you want stamped. You can do this by using the corner of the stamp pad as seen in the above pic.
  • Lean stamp forwards and backwards to make sure you stamp the top and bottom of the letters.
  • Centre what characters you want to use.
  • Clean by stamping on a wet wipe – I found wiping with a wet wipe pulled the fibres out of the wipe.

stampinup-alphabet-rotary-stamp-3While I’m sharing my baby’s feet with you, I just can’t help share this precious photo of Caleb’s little foot being kissed by daddy. This photo was a an attempt to copy this photo from Pinterest – same same but different yeah? black and white newborn father Supplies: The Alphabet Rotary Stamp by Stampin’ Up can be purchased here in the USA and here in Australia.